Summer Update

<p>It’s been a long while since I’ve updated my site, or blogged about what’s happening. Now that I’ve got better more flexible site access, it’s time to be more contentious with my blogging. It seems like a good time to summarise what’s been happening over a busy summer. So to begin: Late spring/ early summer was pretty full on with training and racing. Completed Stuc a Chroin hill race at start of May and then the big one, the Jura Fell Race at the end of May. Jura was brutal… The race is hard enough on wild terrain, but add in 28 heat and it’s crazy. Never been so tired after it. It was so hot that I just couldn’t finch ion properly and just became a fight to finish the course. <img src=”images/stories/j-admin-mobile/IMAGE-0_2012-08-20-172627-0000.jpg” border=”0″ /><img src=”images/stories/j-admin-mobile/IMAGE-1_2012-08-20-172652-0000.jpg” border=”0″ /> After Jura, I was pretty tired, but still managed a 48min 10k race the following Tuesday. But after that had a very lazy few months. Highlight was the lighting of the Jubilee beacon on Ben Cruachan <img src=”images/stories/j-admin-mobile/IMAGE-0_2012-08-20-173332-0000.jpg” border=”0″ /> <img src=”images/stories/j-admin-mobile/IMAGE-2_2012-08-20-173042-0000.jpg” border=”0″ /> We were on holiday in the lakes so, as the house was literally at the foot of Skiddaw it would have been rude not to have a wee run up. Managed a couple of early morning runs in before breakfast. The rest of July’s was pretty lazy, With the odd early morning run, however, just wasn’t feeling in top form. Highlight of the last few weeks was the Killin Highland Games hill race up Sron a’Clachan. What a fantastic wee race! Really enjoyed it, came 19th, just behind Julie Connor, and just in front of Davie Duncan, so haven’t lost any form really. Disappointed that the Two Inns Race was cancelled this year, hopefully all bridge repair work will be finished by next year. Main focus for this week is the Oban Games on Thursday 23rd, with the dramatically short hill race. Looking ahead and trying to figure out what hill races to do. The Tarmachan hill race looks, so does the Pentland Skyline on the same day. It will depend whether we are at home or away at family. Also want to fit in Tinto hill race this year and then Ben Lora to round the year off. The big question is whether I can be bothered running the Oban Half Marathon.. I’m getting more and more disillusioned with road running, I’ll never be a racing snake again and find it really difficult getting pace right and having the repetition a long road race brings, also, last year I was so sore after it. Certainly took me a lot longer to recover from last years half than any of the long hill races I’ve done. The other factor is that you pay as much in entry fees as the fuel needed to get to a decent hill race!</p>

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