The CalMac Breakfast

It occurred to be this morning that I am in my 30th year of travelling to the Isle of Mull for work. Although these days its much less frequent with 5 or 6 trips a year. Way back it was almost weekly. Lots of things on Mull have changed over the years with the growth of wildlife tourism and more recently the introduction of a second summer ferry and reduced fares via Road Equivalent Tariff (RET) bringing many more visitors.

One constant remains, the famous Calmac Breakfast. Whether its a humble bacon roll or the full breakfast the quality has remained the same and for a busy working day dashing into all the far corners of this wonderful Island its the fuel that drives the commerce, the Amazon delivery, clothes from Next, the daily bread and milk, the tourist for Iona or watching White-Tailed (Sea) Eagles.

The iconic Calmac breakfast

The mornings offering was no exception. Well cooked fresh ingredients, perfect egg, link sausage, bacon, mushroom, potato scone and not forgetting the black pudding, although not the Stornoway variety. I love Stornoway Black pudding, but this mornings was much lighter and as result more enjoyable. All washed down with Coffee and 2 rounds of toast, easily putting many hotels to shame.

I’m fuelled and ready for the day, I wonder what another 30 years will bring?

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