Stuc a’Chroin Hill Race

Enjoyed a day away at the Stuc a’Chroin Hill Race on Saturday. Weather was pretty good for running, with conditions on the summit just ok for vest only running. Really struggled in the second half of the race as the climb up Beinn an Each had really taken its toll on the legs. The climb up the 500m heathery wall requires a really high step up on most of step sin the heather, this really trashed my quads so by the descent down form Bealach na Cabar I was really suffering. A steady plod back up and over Meall Mor followed by a good run down to the forestry, passing a few folk was enjoyable. Once back on the forestry track the wheels really came off, only managing a slow jog watching Davy Duncan sprint off into the distance. Enjoyable but really suffered from not getting enough ascent into the legs this year.

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